Saturday, November 23, 2013

Man Showers

Today marks the first day of a much needed break from school. After everything that happened last week I am seriously thankful for the timing of this miniature hiatus. Though I have managed to fill my days off to the brim with appointments, chores, volunteering, and even a trip to Oregon; today I get to sit around and do absolutely nothing. 

Justin and I got up and went to the mall of all places this morning. We walked away completely empty-handed and flustered from the gargantuan crowds of eager Christmas shoppers. We were both hungry except as Justin so graciously pointed out I had four pieces of toast, and he had nothing before leaving the apartment. As if that was enough to tide me over I eat like a loaf of bread a day. Anyway hungry and grumpy may as well be synonymous for us because one goes hand and hand with the other. Justin huffed and puffed and quickly walked his big butt (term of endearment not verbal abuse) to the car while asking me every other step what I wanted to eat. I, in his wake, could not decide because everything and nothing sounded good... I hate when that happens. Also every time he would turn and look at me he had that look on his face where his eyebrows are like all the way up in his hair because 
he is so irritated. It makes me laugh whenever that happens because it reminds me of this:

From that Adam Sandler movie "Just Go With It"

After we bickered about food we grabbed lunch and coffee then headed back home. 

Justin is attending a man shower today. Yes, that is a thing. I am not invited because apparently I do not have a penis. I have been left home alone to peruse Netflix and sit on my ass because I want to. I watched this Jonathan Taylor Thomas Christmas movie because Netflix recommended it for Justin. I guess that makes sense since he likes to go to man showers. The movie was lame but did remind me of the 1990s so now I am watching Clueless, which by the way was also recommended as a movie choice for Justin. Yet another reason why we are a perfect match.  

I now leave you with this... I am employing the talents of Justin's mom to create something handmade for a friend of mine for Christmas. The gift requires fabric. That is about as revealing as I can be since I don't want to spoil Christmas for my special friend. A different friend of mine was at the fabric store today. He posted this on Facebook:

Photo credit goes to John for this baby

I think it would be perfect for my girlfriend's Christmas gift. Whoever invented this fabric is pure genius. For what it is worth I wish I could have fashioned Justin a shirt out of this before his man shower today. I have a feeling it would have been quite the hit!

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