Sunday, November 3, 2013

Greeting Cards

I hate shopping for greeting cards. I have to mentally prepare to go to the store to find what I need when it comes to special occasions and the card companies’ failed attempts to capture just how I am feeling. Usually I cross out choice words on the card I ultimately select to tailor it to my needs. One of my wonderful Aunts once told me that I should write greeting cards and I brushed it off but after today I am mulling the idea over.

I decided to be proactive and pick up a card to celebrate Justin and my one year dating anniversary a little early. I ended up in the love and anniversary section. 99% of the cards in that section seemed like they were for failed relationships. I even found this one…
Seems legitimate; I wonder what the inside says...

Strong, dependable, take-charge hero on the outside and NOTHING on the inside... Not the message I was trying to convey

I even checked the identical cards in the same slot to make sure that maybe one did not get printed on... I looked on the back of the card as well and nothing was there. Am I absurd for thinking that there should be more? 

I must be honest; if I wrote cards they would probably have pictures of cats on them and say “you are an asshole but I hope you have a happy birthday anyway,” or “I appreciate who you are so much that I made you an entire tray of brownies and then ate them all so here is a shitty card instead" (Seriously where was that card when that very scenario happened to me???) I do feel as though my card ideas would not be as much of a let down as some of the ones I found today. Especially the one I managed to capture a photo of. *sigh

P.S. I hope you all remembered to change your clocks back. I did not have to since all of my wall clocks are always an hour behind in the spring because I never feel like changing them.

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