Sunday, November 17, 2013


This weekend I collected some things out of storage and moved them to Justin's parents garage so that they could be surrounded by better clumps of dust and less feral cat families. It felt good to go through and condense the items I had tucked away for a few years. It is funny the things we think we can't part with that get shoved in a box, but never quite forgotten.

The trip down memory lane allowed many old feelings to surface that I had hidden in dark boxes for months on end. One of the first things I unearthed was a possessed-looking urine soaked (the feral cats did it) stuffed bear that was gifted to me by this guy I dated almost a decade ago.  I formerly could never stomach giving that stupid bear up. It was like I had to cling to those bad memories and remind myself of the hell that I chose to be a part of for so long. It was liberating to put him in the garbage. I finally let go of all that nonsense... (I hope that no aspect of Toy Story is real because if it is that will certainly be one evil bear with a menacing vendetta.)

The mementos I chose to hang on to were quite... interesting. Most things ended up in the trash or in the clothing donation box for the women's shelter. I did how ever come across my favorite holiday sweater. Here is a teaser for you:

I also discovered this gem, which is a card from a different former boyfriend...
"In the hour of adversity be not without hope, for crystal rain falls from black clouds."

And my favorite part; the inside.

It has "Be gentle with yourself" crossed off and "Happy Birthday!" penned in

So meaningful! ha ha..

A story was undoubtedly told with all the items I had set aside. Though some parts of it were tough to swallow, I think it was a good reminder that the path I took to arrive where I am now was not an easy one. However I firmly believe that the crucial things in life are often times not supposed to be easy. But the important thing is that I am here now. The important thing is that I made it through hell and back a few times in my humble little life.

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