Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh Pearlescent Moon, How you do Shine for me even in the darkest hours...

Sometimes I steal Justin's pillows and he gets super mad. I guess that payback has been a long time coming. Last night we were getting ready for bed when he took one of my pillows and lobbed it across the apartment. In all fairness I do throw all of my pillows off the bed before I fall asleep, except the one that I sleep under. I decided to throw one of his because I steal his pillows every night. Plus he has like OCD when it comes to neatly stacking his pillows on the floor beside his bed in this symmetrical pile. I merely have been trying to dissuade him from his obsessive compulsive-like behaviors. It helps me sleep better at night, to know that I am making a difference in one man's borderline psychological disorder. Gosh, the price I pay to try to save someone from themselves.

Soon enough all of his pillows were on the floor and he was angry. I am not sure how they got there. Sometimes I go into a trance when I am waging war. I can assure you what ever the sequence of events were, this was in no way my fault. However to "repay" me he decided to not only throw every last pillow of mine off the bed, but also confiscated my blankets, and my pants. I was left on the bed pants-less and ashamed. My pearlescent bare ass provided illumination for the dark and cold confines of my aching heart which was riddled with loneliness. I sat there contemplating the very essence of my life for several excruciatingly painful moments as his evil laughter radiated throughout the apartment. I will seek my revenge in due time. He may have won the battle but fear not reader, I shall win the war.

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