Monday, November 25, 2013

Cinnamon Glazed... Taco?

Today I volunteered as I typically do on Mondays. Towards the end of my shift I got some apple cider with cinnamon because I get a $2 food coupon for volunteering. I always spend  my hard earned coupon on Starbucks.

After a few sips I did what I initially thought was a disservice to myself by soiling my khakis with my hot cider. It looked like I pee'd myself. I was able to conceal the stain with my tunic thing. So I quickly forgot about the disaster. Like ten minutes later I kept thinking, 'what is that delicious smell?' Wafts kept filling my nostrils when I would sit down. While trying to be as discrete as possible I attempted to smell my crotch area to determine what the heck was going on. Then I recalled the spill and I was like oh my god my vagina smells like apple cider, this is fantastic! Just in time for the holidays.

I went to run a couple of quick errands after my shift ended. I wondered if everyone I passed in the store could smell my vagina's holiday spirit. I know I could! I was also hoping to spread the Christmas joy of my vagina with my girlfriend. We were supposed to have lunch today but she got busy. I guess that is probably a good thing because I don't know how she would have felt if I asked her if she could smell my delicious lady bits from afar.

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