Friday, November 15, 2013

My Birthday (sorry for the overly sappy post)

Historically speaking my birthday has not always been the best of days for me. Beginning with my tenth birthday each year my birthday presents me with something godawful. The day I turned ten my childhood cat passed away, one year I watched as my friend spun out of control on the freeway and totaled his vehicle, then there was the year I was diagnosed with melanoma (all better now), last year I was in the hospital. Enough of that negativity.  Typically when my special day rolls around I lay low in hopes that I will be ignored since I hate to endanger anyone with my bad luck birthday.

My actual birthday this year, though filled with classes from 10:30AM-9:00PM, was damn good. Nothing went wrong which was a refreshing surprise. Justin really went out of his way to make everything perfect. The next day however, I fell horribly ill. My sickness lasted much longer than I anticipated, and my birthday festivities were all postponed. I honestly assumed that I would be forgotten, but that was the furthest thing from reality.

Over the past week I have seen and talked to most of my best friends and closest family members. Wednesday I paid a visit to a close friend and we caught up with each other and had a much needed relaxing and decompressing conversation, last night Justin's parents took me to dinner at the only vegan restaurant in town, today I enjoyed coffee and manicures with another one of my best friends, and in a week one of my best girlfriends is taking me to a basketball game. I feel loved.

To all of those who called and text messaged thank you so much. :) This year was honestly the best birthday I have ever had.
Some of the gifts I received. Completely unexpected :)

My owl collection is growing Justin bought me the one with the yellow heart on his breast

One of my best friends bought me this cell phone case. I love elephants and she has a matching case which says "best"on it with the other half of the infinity sign. Super cute.

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