Monday, November 4, 2013

Tunnel Vision

Today was sensational. Since I did not die from Tuberculosis I got permission to start volunteering at the hospital. I reported for duty first thing this morning. I was told to show up wearing the dress code outlined in the handbook with the exception of a shirt since I would be provided with a uniform top. While it was tempting to go topless (in order to comply with the instructions I was given), I ultimately decided I had better wear something over my lady bumps to avoid being escorted off the premises on my first day.

I checked in then buddied up with a fellow volunteer who was familiar with the hospital. She took me on a wondrous tour which revealed an entire network of underground tunnels connecting all the hospital's buildings which are separate entities from the street. I felt quite important knowing these "secret" tunnels (that like everyone probably knows about) existed. However I fear if I am ever left to explore them alone I will most likely get lost. I would probably wind up laying down in the middle of the hall waiting for someone to bring me chocolate so I could regain strength from the ominous journey I had just endured. I have been told that Disney World has a similar layout... Maybe I should go work there so I can live in the underground tunnels waiting for all the princesses to bring me food. I think I just came up with a new life goal...

Anyway, in all seriousness I felt a definite satisfaction at the conclusion of my volunteer shift. I can't wait to go back next week. Not to mention I finally got my foot in the door of the medical facility which I hope to work for in my career some day. Tomorrow I will turn twenty eight (*sigh, I feel so old)...But today proved to be a memorable way to spend the last day of being twenty seven if I do say so myself.

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