Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lost in the Clouds

Text conversation I had with my friend the other day:

Me: I finally got the new iPhone update to work after like three hours  (** I have been trying to get my phone updated since iOS7 rolled out)

Friend: Yay!

Me: I know finally, send me that iCloud thing again when you get a moment.

Friend: I just resent it. Did you get it?

Me: I don’t think so where do I look? 

(insert long boring explanation that tells me to click on the camera roll)

Me: this is all that I see

Friend: ha ha ha, it should be there I just resent it

Me: I was just on my home screen and I was like oh my god clouds and I clicked on it and it was the stupid weather app.

Friend: Go to your camera roll, see where it says photos and at the bottom there is a cloud?


Me: that is all that I see

Friend: It should be at the bottom


Friend: ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I got Justin some shoes for our one year anniversary. I figured I would model one for you. Shoe modeling relieves my stress. Clearly my skills are terrible Well, man shoe modeling is my forte cloud finding is not. 

Friend: check the camera roll it should have a cloud


Don't worry I eventually found it... 

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