Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brown Towels

Though I should have spent today preparing for my Botany exam; reviving myself back into reality after this “I’m sick” stint has overcome me. I deemed today as laundry day owing to the fact that the pile of laundry in the corner of our humble apartment has become overwhelmingly taller than usual. This in and of itself is quite odd since I feel like I have been plastered into the same sweat pants for the better part of the weekend.

Justin took off for his parents’ house first thing this morning. We had a brief conversation about all of the towels being dirty before his departure. He (the rapscallion) assured me that his "brown towel" was still in the closet; clean and ready to be used.[1] I snagged the first opportunity I could at the community Laundromat in our complex. I firstly started a load of towels since we were running so low. I then decided to take a shower. I had forgotten that I took all of the towels out of the bathroom so I made my way to the closet, soaking wet, only to find a brown hand towel. I am quite sure it is the very hand towel that was used for wiping toothpaste debris off your face at the conclusion of brushing teeth from when Justin lived in his own apartment… I question whether it was ever washed.

The damn thing barely dried me but I managed because that is what you do in tough times… you make things happen with the shit you have. I may or may not have angrily rolled my wet body around on Justin’s side of the bed as a form of payback however my antics will most likely go unnoticed since several hours have passed since the incident and he has yet to return from his parents. I won’t bore you with the rest of my cleaning and grooming stories. Just know this… No matter how sick you are, do not leave your hair up all weekend long. You will get a knot bigger than a softball in it.   

[1] Hindsight; could it be that Justin was attempting to repay me with the towel charade for the agony I caused him this weekend??? I only snore when I am sick but let me tell you I woke myself up several times from snoring loudly or attempting to swallow my own tongue (gray area I am not sure what was really taking place). Undoubtedly, I must have awoken him as well, either from the snores or the bear hymns I was singing. 

PS here are some photos of some flowers I received earlier in the week. 
I think any girl is excited to have one of these boxes on their doorstep. Imagine my delight when I had two waiting for me.

Roses for our anniversary

Tulips and whatever those purple things are called (maybe if I studied for Botany I would know) for my Birthday

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