Thursday, January 16, 2014

Six Degrees of Bacon

I stopped by the store yesterday so I could restore my chocolate stash or pick up a few groceries… Anyway last night before bed I opened one of the chocolate bars and tore a small corner off the end of it for a small snack then wrapped the rest of the bar up and put it away. Inexplicably this morning the bar was half gone. When I am under stress I tend to do strange things in my sleep. Although my eating chocolate in my sleep is not that strange I guess. Either way I blame Kevin Bacon.

I watched some weird Kevin Bacon movie when I was younger, and it scarred me for life. I suppose this is good for Kevin Bacon because apparently he is such a good actor that he tricked me into believing that he does unspeakable things in real life. Ever since childhood I have fled the room whenever Kevin Bacon makes an appearance on the television. That stupid six degrees of Kevin Bacon or whatever the phenomenon is called, where he is always connected to you by some degree? That is my living nightmare. And FYI the way that I am connected to Kevin Bacon is that when my ex-boyfriend was a baby Kevin Bacon approached ex bf’s parents and told him that they had a cute baby. I should have known as soon as I heard that, that there was no way in hell that relationship would last.

Back to the reason for my original post; Kevin Bacon makes an appearance in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” It is vastly unfortunate however I compromise by watching it since I thoroughly enjoy Steve Carell. I also find Emma Stone to be nothing shy of fantastic. And there is rumor that Ryan Gosling is vegan but I think a bunch of crazy people just make those internet memes pretending that he is vegan. I don’t feel like researching that. Also all of those people are mean to Kevin Bacon in the movie so that helps.
Justin and I watched “Crazy, Stupid, Love” the other day and I saw Kevin Bacon. Therefore I was under stress, and as logic follows he is the reason I had a middle of the night snack.
You may be wondering what this cat has to do with my post. I tried to google photos of Ryan Gosling punching Kevin Bacon but I got super grossed out because Kevin Bacon's face was EVERY WHERE. And he wasn't even being punched, he was staring into my soul. *shudder. Thus I googled cat in a shark hat and found this.
EDIT** I should mention that I read an article on the devil himself (Kev Bacon) like ten years ago. It said that Kevin Bacon hates big earrings. So, if you are like me and detest the very likes of his being I would recommend carrying a pair of extra over sized earrings with you in case of emergency.

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