Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's Just Skip It

What a stressful few days. I guess I thought I was Cat Woman when I decided to move while simultaneously starting school and a new job. What I failed to realize is I am more like a crazy cat lady in that I aspire to own several cats when I get older. My mistake.

We are mostly settled in our new place except that we don't have any hot water. I tried to play Ellie Goulding's "Burn" song to trick my mind into thinking the freezing water was warm while I attempted to shower. This lasted approximately seven long seconds filled with an alternation between the word BURN and various curse words.

Last night Justin and I laid in bed and speculated as to what the strange noises were that were being emitted from the upstairs apartment. We have narrowed it down to this; sex lasting over an hour with the headboard hitting the wall, erratic punching bag hits, someone playing Skip-It, or someone learning to pogo stick. Time will tell... Time will tell.. I sense an angry note in the near future.
Remember these? A good way to trick kids into exercising. Photo Credit: eBay

Economical.. Seems smart. I should get one for Justin

Extreme pogo sticking is a thing now apparently Photo Credit:
At least there is this on the bright side. Justin bought me some pretty flowers yesterday.
I try to sparingly post the flowers I receive. At the minimum I am one of the lucky ones that gets them once every two weeks at a bare minimum.

And sent me this text message:

He knows me so well

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