Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nooks and Crannies... and Cracks

Justin and I enlisted the help of his parents to move us to our new apartment yesterday. We got mostly everything taken care of. Today I'm heading back to clean and gather the last few items we didn't have enough boxes for.

When we began searching for an apartment, Justin's only condition was that we had a kitchen with a lot of space... Here is what we ended up with:

Excuse the mess we are moving

Notice the ample counter space. His wish was my command. Justin doesn't often ask for much, but boy when he does? I deliver.

Needless to say Justin and I were both extremely exhausted from our move. We clambered into bed late last night. We had out backs to each other and I reached over my shoulder to touch him. When my hand made the connection I first thought I was touching a crevice between his shoulder blades. Once I determined that was not the case I assumed that his chest must be facing me and I must be fondling his moobs (man boobs) cleavage. Then much to my horror the truth dawned on me as I realized that I had been caressing his butt crack. It all happened so fast. In my defense his butt was up super high on the bed so this is NOT my fault.

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