Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh yeah... it's supposed to be FOUR leaves

Justin and I decided to take a mini vacation to Jackpot, Nevada this past weekend. We didn't think that we had enough crammed into our week; what with my preparation for classes beginning, moving, starting a new job, volunteering etc etc... Anyway we like to gamble and we had a free room since we usually kick ass; so away we went. Our suite was located on the first floor; the same floor as the casino. On the inside of the door we had this notice...
A non smoking floor pffft

FYI guests are allowed to smoke in the casino. I think the hotel people need to reword their sign.

There was some nice artwork in our room. I think the employees decorated the room specifically for me.
"Excuse me sir, could you tell us where we could find the cake?"

"Hey you guys!"

Also I made Justin promise me that if he won a substantial amount of money that he would buy this baby for me.

Behold: the majestic horse dress
Then once I got it home I could bedazzle a unicorn horn onto the horse and wear it every day for the rest of my life. And if I ever have a wedding all my bridesmaids can wear one too...

I found this in the box of lettuce I brought with us so I figured we had a chance and good fortune:

Unfortunately we ended up losing like thirty dollars, and I did not get my horse dress. I. am. devastated. If anyone wants to donate the horse dress to me, I will probably accept it graciously. And possibly give you a photo of me wearing it while riding a unicorn.  

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