Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home Fries

I spent the better part of the week with a Starbucks in hand, and a foot half way out the door on the way to view apartments. I also had to sport my new sunglasses that I finagled from the eye doctor the other day because I left my real sunglasses in my friend's car, and it has been exceedingly bright outside. And that is the definition of karma. I searched high and low for an apartment since our bathroom ceiling was covered in mold when it fell down a few weeks ago.
Also on our window sills I have come to notice...
I toured several places; including those with 1970’s carpet with piss stains all over it, a unit that had a balcony that faced the homeless shelter, a unit with a black and white tiled floor and robin's egg blue walls, and my personal favorite a building from the 1930’s where each unit included a basement dungeon torture chamber for “storage.” 

Justin and I anxiously waited as each application was submitted behind a group of other people looking for the only one bedroom units left in town. Anxious in the regard that we didn’t really know whether we wanted to eat lunch on our summer balcony while staring at homeless people, or take turns locking each other in our basement closet for a bit of sadistic fun. Each morning we received a call that someone else before us got approved. It was both refreshing and irritating.

We were about to throw in the towel and reside with his parents until something came available. Suddenly I received a call from a complex I had placed a call to a few days prior. The property manager had been out of town. She informed me that she had one couple coming to view the apartment, but that I could come immediately after them and get my application in line. An all too familiar story. I was pleasantly surprised to hear when I arrived that the couple never showed. Though the unit is a bit expensive for those that are comparable to it we proceeded with the application anyway. 

We were not approved, and now I am just going to go to the Humane Society and see if they have a cage available for us to sleep with the cats. Just kidding we were approved and we move into our “one bedroom efficiency unit” in a week. It may not have any kitchen counters but it also does not have any black mold. We will have an actual bedroom as opposed to our studio so that I can lock Justin out while I eat curly fries so he is none-the-wiser. We are two doors down from the laundry facility, and our living room window stares at the pool. I will miss my view of Table Rock, but I can walk to the park at the base of Table Rock from where we are now.  Which will probably be necessary after all of the curly fries I have been consuming out of stress.

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