Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye Christmas...?

Yesterday was a productive day. I crossed the second to last friend off my list of Christmas gifts I still have.
Birthday and Christmas presents professionally wrapped for a complete gift giving experience

It only took my friend like fifteen minutes to rip through the industrial strength tape that held together each package. I feel bad for my kids if I ever get to have any.

I painted this for her. I was half way happy with it, which I am normally not happy with my hand made things... Yet I inexplicably keep crafting things. The only assumption I can make is that I spend too much time doing science and math in school that it makes me yearn to use the creative part of my being... if there even is one.

PS- I learned that elephants are the only other beings who bury their deceased, and weep when they die. They also can recognize themselves in mirrors. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

Anyway now the only thing that stands between me and closing the door on the last memories of Christmas 2013 is the one final gift I am holding on to...Oh and my half-assed dyslexia got the best of me as I completely made up an address before Christmas which caused me to receive a lonely Christmas card back in the mail today. But that is an easy fix.

Last night Justin surprised me with the Netflix that was "So Undercover," the Miley Cyrus movie. I had seen it previously, he had not. He thoroughly enjoyed the movie as he so often does with chick flicks. He even mentioned something about buying it. I find that with the weather being so cold we are spending more and more time inside. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures. Justin brought these home the other day.
Whole Foods has some of the most spectacular flowers

They were reminiscent of the end of summer/early fall when temperatures were still warm enough to exit my apartment without a jacket.*sigh. A distant memory indeed, but a great one nonetheless. I suppose I should not complain because after all the mid-west is pretty much a winter nightmare. Here are some of my favorite photos I found while googling cold temperatures in the mid-west:
This one is a view of Chicago from above Photocredit: Reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit

Hey how did this very adorable Scottish Fold (female) get in here? It must be a sign. Justin, this is who I want for Christmas for the next decade. :) photo credit:http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27838979/

Frozen light house looks like a bearded sea monster photo credit: http://www.amusingplanet.com/2013/05/frozen-lighthouses-of-lake-michigan.html

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