Friday, January 24, 2014

Freezing My Ass Off

I have incessantly been listening to the "Frozen" soundtrack since I bought it in the latter part of November. I have also been begging Justin to take me to see the film. This week I began to leave threatening notices under pillows and around the apartment. We are going to see it tonight and I could not be more excited.
This official video *might* be a spoiler to the movie so watch at your own risk.
I hope Justin is not embarrassed when I sing along to every song that will play in the theater.

In other news our water heater broke earlier this week. The maintenance man has been here four-ish times to try and fix it. We are getting a new one on Monday. In the meantime we get to take a shower in a vacant apartment across the complex. The land lord told us all we should need is a shower curtain since she supplied the rod and stated everything else we should need will be in the vacant apartment. If you see someone's bare ass parading around your apartment complex you 1.) probably live by me and 2.) get to "bare" witness to my protest of the current situation.

I leave you with a photo of our evil water heater.
Something about it DOES NOT look right.. I can't quite put my finger on it.

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