Saturday, January 18, 2014


So apparently I am my own worst enemy because my 100th blog post was about Kevin Bacon *shudder. Also I play Word's With Friends because I am lame and I keep getting this for an advertisement.
I will NEVER tap Kevin...

Furthermore I have been having an identity crisis ever since I figured out that Bradley Cooper should play me in a movie. Consequently I have been having fun with this terribly addicting quiz website because obviously the internet can tell me exactly who I am better than anyone. You have probably seen some of the quiz results posted on Facebook from your various friends the past few days.I decided to share my results because they have nothing to do with Kevin Bacon.

First I took the Harry Potter quiz. I forced Justin to take the quiz as well. He got Harry Potter and I got...

I always thought that Albus had a little crush on Harry; now we know. It is so true.

Next I took the Lord of the Rings quiz. I got this...

What else did you expect?? *pats self on back. Justin was a hobbit.. I wasn't lying when I said he had big big toes.

If you need me in the next few days I will be at this website taking all of their quizzes rather than packing and moving to our new deluxe apartment in the skkkyyyy ♪♪♪

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