Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eye guess Eye Will Just Have To Smack Bradley Cooper....

Today I decided that if I were a cereal I would be Smacks. The reason is nothing more than the simple fact that I always smack Justin's ass.
Photo Credit: Kellogg's

Also I took a test to see which actress would play me if a movie were created based on my life. I am not sure who should be more offended; myself or Bradley Cooper.
I have no recollection of any sex based questions being asked. Maybe I really am becoming a man.

Finally I attended an eye doctor appointment today with one of my best friends. She was about to get her eyes dilated when this happened:

Doctor: These eye drops will dilate your pupils

Me: And then you will get to wear those cool glasses

Doctor: Yes, exactly the super ugly ones

Me: You know I could really use a pair of those too because my friend and I want to take photos together in our new shades, possibly flashing the peace sign.

Friend: Yes, not to mention that when my eyes are dilated so are hers because we are that close

Doctor: I think I can find you a pair somewhere

Me: (in a voice similar to that of Mr. Burns) Excellent
Excuse the poor quality but I couldn't see with my new specks... Also may it be noted that I have an abnormally large head, comparable in fact to someone thrice my size. I'm not kidding while preparing for graduation in high school I was sitting by someone who weighed about three times as much as I did and he and I had the same sized head when we were measuring for cap fittings. Also my friend has an abnormally small sized head. This is why our glasses look so different.

You didn't believe I would get the glasses did you ; )

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