Monday, September 29, 2014

JC Penny the Beetle and Friends

My sister has always had a real knack for creativity. On top of that she can draw very well, and always has been able to. She also holds on to a lot of things from our younger years... perhaps because she cherishes the many memories of me; her favorite person in this whole wide world.

Oh the child videotapes that exist which showcase our sisterly love. My most favorite video is when my dad filmed us sitting under an apple tree in the orchard in front of our New Hampshire log cabin on a late summer day.  We were both bedecked in our OshKosh B'Gosh striped overalls. Hers were pink, and mine were blue. My father had tried to stage the perfect setting for the video that would act as a commemoration in our later years. Maecee read to me from one of her story books, she must have been five maybe six and I was 2 maybe 3. She read away as I persisted to pick my nose and wipe it all over her perfect overalls. She continued to read, not noticing the disgusting behavior I was partaking in.

Back on track...Do you remember the Beanie Baby Craze of the 90s? Well my sister came across something the other day that we had done in our youth. A hazy memory coupled with the photos that I am about to post reminded me of a time when we sat down together and had our Beanie Babies make up their own Beanie Babies as imaginary friends. I know we were living in our home in South East Boise so I would like to say that I was roughly 9 and Maecee was 12. My drawings were lost, probably because I throw away nearly everything. But hers have survived the past couple of decades and are in pristine condition.

There are a couple dozen more. I think you get the gist however. If Ty is still in business, which I think they are, I do think they should hire my sister because some of these are just amazing and need to be manufactured.

Edit** Apparently I already told the Apple Tree story.. But it is such a fond memory I had to tell it two times

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