Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Remember how excited and proud of myself I was like two days ago when I submitted everything required to apply for grad school? Well that was fun while it lasted. This morning I noticed a refund processed for my app fee from the school I applied to. I checked my email to find a note from one of the grad school employees telling me that I am an idiot and despite stating that I was an Idaho citizen I filled out the international student application. *sigh

I immediately processed what I believe was the correct application (I will keep you updated if it isn't). I then responded to the person who emailed me telling them about how sometimes I labor under the delusion that I am from England because I love Harry Potter so much. I had it all written out and then I thought: 'Hmm should I send this? No better not send it. Not every one understands weird Harry Potter fans.' I highlighted it all and instead of hitting backspace I think I hit enter? which apparently sent the email?
My face after I sent the email
Photo Credit: Harry Potter
So hopefully Liz the grad school coordinator likes Harry Potter, because if not my odds of getting in to grad school this round are equivalent to me finding Hogwarts. *sigh

Photo Credit: Harry Potter

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