Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blueberry Girl- (the one time you will hear me talk about a diet... feel free to skip reading this snooze fest)

I am terrible at voicing/revealing anything food related. I have reluctantly accepted to partake in a one week clean eating challenge with one of my best friends and some of her other gal pals. It is much needed since diet is just a four letter word that goes out the window when I am immersed in the demanding environment that is school… well diet is not really something I ever do anymore to be honest. I am trying my best to express my journey. If I could show you all an interpretive dance right now I feel the proper message would be conveyed however I am both horrible with a camera and terribly self-conscious. I apologize in advance if you are bored to tears with the following post.

I have yet to food prep, and I don’t know that I will (never have food prepped ever). Fortunately for me Justin grocery shops while I am in school. The majority of the time he cooks for us also, so food prepping is not something that is necessary. Be jealous. My goal is to make it thru the week (7 days commencing Monday and ending Monday) eating clean. I normally sustain a pretty healthy and well-rounded diet constantly without really trying. I feel this is owed majorly to the fact that I am vegan; the OCD kind of vegan that will not eat anything I do not recognize on an ingredients list which forces a great many processed foods out of my life. Occasionally I deviate from eating healthy. This typically happens when I starve all day long like today.

Today I had black coffee this morning, a couple of crazy bread sticks from Little Caesars (sans cheese and butter) which were left over, and then fasted all day until about ten minutes ago when the hungry monster escaped from my loins (I rapidly consumed udon noodles with spicy peanut sauce that I made from scratch with actual fresh ground peanut butter, fresh squeezed lime juice, sesame seeds, cayenne pepper, freshly chopped chives and ginger). I then was still starving and ate toast… toast with peanut butter and cacao bits on top. Now I am considering my cupcake which is vegan and gluten free from Whole Foods. I know I need to eat it tonight since tomorrow I need to eat clean (also tomorrow is when the Hogwarts Express leaves fyi- I won’t be able to celebrate the holiday with food *sigh)

My goal is just to try at this point. Seven days seems miniscule though I am sure half way into day one I will be huddled in a corner covered in chocolate and French fry bits. My friend is quite inspiring and has been very successful with the breadth of knowledge that she has gained from clean eating and working out. I doubt I will attain the heights that she has reached (pun intended) however I guess I will never know if I don’t try. *SIGH. (side note: feel free to click here to follow my friend on her journey if you are into that whole diet/exercise business)

Come on Hogwarts letter… come now so that I can be freed from this torture. I have a funny feeling that since I am instituting the word diet that I seriously will eat the unhealthiest that I have ever eaten in my life but as I said above; we shall see.This is likely what I will look like at the end of the week. I will be blue in color since I will be sad that I failed so miserably. 

Photo Credit: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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