Saturday, August 9, 2014

There's No Lou Diamond Phillips in Baseball... Or is there?

So this evening after boggling my mind with yet more GRE preparation I emerged from the bedroom to find Justin (unsurprisingly so) watching a Mariners game. They kept showing this man who was being inducted into some kind of baseball coaches hall of fame type thing. He was throwing fits and yelling at people in the old clips they showed which was at least entertaining. This is opposite of what boring baseball usually is so I understand why he gets rewards and shit. Anyway Justin had mentioned his name but it went in one ear out the other one (despite my being deaf in one ear-usually fun facts stay in my noggin.) I attribute this lack of retaining to the GRE or possibly my hearing is coming to that ear because I'm awesome. Back to the issue at hand... On the television screen it showed the word "Lou" on the baseball diamond. Then the following exchange happened between Justin and me:

Me: Lou Diamond Phillips. 

Justin: Where?

Me: on the tv they are honoring him they wrote Lou on the diamond which obviously means Lou Diamond Phillips. 

Justin: No, that is for the guy I JUST told you about. How could you get that mixed up?

Me: What do you think when you hear Lou Diamond?

Justin: Not Phillips. 

I begin plotting and allow about 5-10 minutes to pass. 

Me: want to play a game?

Justin: let me guess, what kind of woman or girl I am? You can try to play tricks on me but I know you so well. (He was referring to those "which Disney Princess am I" type online quizzes I make him take incessantly)

Me: no we are gonna play a game where I'm going to say a word and you will tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Don't think, just speak. 

Justin: okay. 

Below is the transcribed version of our psychological game. The first word(s) is what I read to Justin. The word after the dash was Justin's immediate response. 

Paper towel-House
Yellow-brick road
Harry potter-glasses
Malina-most wonderful girl in the world. 
Lou Diamond-philli....fuuuccckk

Ya that's right! I'm not crazy :)

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