Friday, August 1, 2014

They Should Invent a Machine that Automatically Cleans Dishes

Last night Justin came up with this brilliant idea. He said that someone should invent a machine that automatically cleans dishes. I looked at the back of his head (since he was finishing up dishes) and saw the light turn on. He turned to me and exclaimed, “And don’t tell me about a dishwasher!” He then stormed off in a fake mad kind of way, his big butt bouncing behind him. At least he realized, without my having to tell him, that such a machine was invented over a century ago. 

When he came back into the room he asked me if I had heard of an electronic fly swatter. After he explained what it was he said; “yeah today at work I got shocked by one.”

Me: “You got shocked by the fly swatter? How?”

Justin: “A fly landed on it and nothing happened so I touched it.”

This explains a lot. They should really put a recall on those electronic fly swatters because apparently they cause amnesia in some. Or maybe they can just use those in operating rooms and like beat people over the head with them when they need surgery. Such innovating ideas I have. 

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