Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hangry Games and Mean Girls

I was feeling extra hungry the other day at the commencement of one of my lab periods. I had gone about seven hours without eating (technically like 20 if you count sleeping, skipping breakfast etc), and knew I had to last three more hours before getting some sustenance. Hangry was just starting to creep up on my mentality.

I put my book bag down and proceeded to open the drawer to gather my lab materials. The person across from me said very bitchily: 'You can't sit there.'

Me: Excuse me?

Bitchily One: I said you can't sit there. We did a seating chart last lab period that isn't your seat.

Me: I was told by the instructor we were waiting until this lab session to create a seating chart.

Bitchily One: Well that is wrong we did a seating chart. You can't sit there.
Photo Credit: Mean Girls
Me (sliding over one seat while shooting the most penetrating and evil glare I could muster): Okay...

Thirty seconds later....

Instructor: So I am passing around a seating chart since I neglected to do so last class period. Once you write your name down on it that will be your permanent seat.

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I hope she tries to sit by me anywhere, any day, any time in lecture, in lab, even if only for a moment to rest her dumbass... because I will tell her she is not on the seating chart...

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To end on a positive note, and at the risk of seeming very.. split personality-esque; someone posted this on Reddit the other day. and I find it delightful. It is Audrey Hepburn, which goes without saying but just in case you are unable to recognize her I thought I would enlighten you.

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