Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Dream of Genie

I was certainly throttled by yesterday’s news of Robin Williams’ passing. I could never come close to the homage that has been paid by prominent individuals of our society however I wouldn’t feel quite right if I remained silent in this time; if there is such a thing as a taciturn blog writer. 

Evan Rachel Wood         @evanrachelwood
Genie. You're free.
In remembrance of the comedic light-hearted genius Justin and I watched “Hook” and “Aladdin” last night. I was transported back to childhood times when life was far simpler and GRE was just some unfamiliar acronym that did not consume all of my time and brain power. 

For your enjoyment I have attached some photos of me sporting my Jasmine costume with the fierce passion that only a 9 or 10 year old student of jazz could possess. Please excuse the grainy nature of the photos as it took extensive digging to unearth them. I don't possess the smallest of desires to scan them into the computer so alas, you are stuck with phone-taken pictures of pictures. 
Perfect form if I do say so myself. That is head-to-toe dancing right there. 
It should be noted that despite the standing ovation I can vividly recollect at the conclusion of my dance number I opted not to continue with dance after this performance. It just would have been unfair to compare my unbridled talent with that of other dancers. 

Just look at that panache.

But perhaps tonight, in loving memory of the Genie, I shall reprise my role as said student of jazz as I dance one last night to the steps of  “Friend Like Me.”

Are you not impressed???

 Or maybe not.. since I doubt that my apartment is big enough to do a cartwheel without kicking over Justin or an appliance of some sort. 

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