Friday, August 29, 2014

Couch Eater

I went to see an old friend today which was exciting. It is nice to squeeze in some good ol' quality friend time every so often where I can. Especially when all the teeny boppers at college are picking on me lately. 

Upon arrival to my friend's home we entered her living room where she pointed to the couch and said to me, and I quote; "Don't eat that!"

Ba ha ha she knows me so well, of COURSE I would try to eat the couch because what else would I do when people invite me over? Instead of setting your unwanted furniture out by the trash pick up just call me and I will have it eaten up in no time. Love me some fiber.

Me after eating a couch. That is my friend in the background. She feels very irritated that I just ate some more furniture. Photo Credit: dailyanimallover.blogspot

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