Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fat Cats and Bones

Today is Caturday and you know what that means...

photo credit: imgur

A fine photo indeed if I do say so myself. I wish I had cats to photo document, but I suppose that would greatly shift the subject matter of this blog.

In other news (get ready for things to turn bipolar up in here); if Justin and I die together this is probably what we will look like.

The only difference will be that Justin will probably still have some butt left no matter how much time has elapsed because let's face it that thing will take one million lifetimes to disintegrate. I kid, I kid- but this photo is super touching. I have no idea what the origins of it are; someone random posted it on Reddit.

That is all I have for today since I am once again worn out from school. The good news is there are only 33 days left until the end of the semester (counting weekends but not Thanksgiving break) and then I will finally be walking the line of graduation.

Okay, one more photo to celebrate:
Photo Credit: imgur Capybara and Cat

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