Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Blame The Christmas Music

If your name is Justin, and you are my boyfriend you probably shouldn't be reading this blog.

This weird thing happened the other day. I went to the co-op and found some cupcakes for Justin and my anniversary. I had been having a pretty good day because I found that radio station that plays Christmas music non-stop, in the morning I interpretive danced in my apartment to it and in the afternoon it accompanied my errand running. After picking up the cupcakes I decided to make a pit stop at the park and eat the sandwich I had gotten for lunch. At the conclusion of my lunch I was feeling a little... unsatisfied. I knew immediately what had to be done to remedy the situation. And I guess they say (and by they I mean I) that if no one sees you eating sweets it totally doesn't count.

After eating one cupcake I realized that later on I would be sad if Justin and I had to split the remaining cupcake. I guess I wasn't thinking because before I knew it the second cupcake was gone and I was VERY full. I attempted to wash down my mistake with some organic cranberry coconut juice. It was not a good combo. I quickly made my way back to the store and purchased two more cupcakes then came home and fell into a food coma.

That evening Justin arrived home and asked me what I wanted for dinner. I figured he would have known right away that something was amiss because I am nearly ALWAYS hungry. I suppose luck was on my side because he didn't bat an eye when I said I wasn't feeling well, and wasn't hungry. Fast forward like 3 hours and I started to get my appetite back and downed dinner and second dinner back to back, then as a grand finale Justin and I had a cupcake. So ya, happy early Christmas celebration to me!     

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