Sunday, July 21, 2013

This is not really a post... I should forewarn you to read at your own risk... In fact that is probably a good rule of thumb for this page period.

I was laid up this summer. For a LONG time. Days were monotonous. I don't watch television and my collection of movies got very old, very quickly. I was pretty much bed ridden so I always was looking for forms of entertainment. 

I have this thing where I will only drink bottled water. Really, I think it is a temperature thing; I need my water COLD (Yes i know how terrible bottled water is for me and the planet but with the 1000s of animals I will inevitably save throughout the course of my life from being vegan I'm allowed to drink bottled water). The bottles of water were piling up on my nightstand and even in my bed. With nothing else in arm's reach who wouldn't start playing with the bottle caps? 
Justin (boyfriend) fell victim first. 

He was laying in bed next to me one day with his shirt off and thought it might be fun to put the round bottle caps on his round nipples. I think I must have been reverting back to my childhood here... you remember those toys dear where you match up the various shaped pegs into the corresponding peg-holes. Oh what fun. 

Nipple bottle cap placement became a new sort of inside joke game between us. We would try to get them on each other without the other person noticing. Ahhh the simple things in life. Feel free to stop reading. Well one day I guess Justin's nipples were out of reach so I put a cap (down my shirt and bra) on my own nipple.  I was quite distracted in doing this and ended up leaving the house to get a snow cone. I remember thinking how weird my boob looked but for whatever reason, despite the 100s of times I had put bottle caps on nipples, I didn't put two and two together. 

Long story short... It wasn't until I got home that Justin told me I had a bottle cap over my nipple. I don't know how many people witnessed this atrocity but maybe they just thought I had some kind of strange nipple disease. Or that one nipple was extremely cold from consuming my snow cone. Either way... Pretty lame. But lesson learned nevertheless; even though it may seem fun to put things together that match... Those things might bite you in the ass. Or at the very least they may just feel like a fool.

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