Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nine Months :)

I was tirelessly working on this blog for the past couple of days which highlighted the strengths of my relationship. It was my way of celebrating the nine month mark of Justin and I being together. Well, I am pretty sure that I am in no way qualified to write about what does and does not make a relationship work. I also get sick to my stomach when I read sappy blogs about people being SO in love. I just read things like that in this sing songy voice in my mind and I am like ppppuke! Plus our relationship works because it does. We are two individuals and I do not think there is any kind of guideline to follow that is suited for every single couple on the face of this earth.  I do know that saying I am fortunate to have the relationship that I do is an understatement, however. I have not settled in any way shape or form. I am truly happy and though it may have taken me a quarter of a lifetime to figure out what could make me truly happy… it was worth the wait.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go get punished :) (totally kidding)

Our attempt at sexting like the kids do these days

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