Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Life Surrounds You with Shit; Remain Beautiful

Last night after cooking dinner I was mundanely tiding up my apartment. I came to the vase sitting on my counter top which contained a dozen roses that had been neglected for nearly a week. Each of their heads was drooping in a depressing manner and their petals were withered and brown. Without a second glance I tossed them in the garbage and continued cleaning. I tend to clean when I am stressed. And stressed is an understatement to how I have been feeling as of lately.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball that comes out of nowhere. Sometimes life throws a half a dozen of those curve balls while you are still wheeling from the first. Last night I cleaned to my heart’s content, and when that didn’t alleviate the stress that had been mounting within my chest I did what any girl would do; I cried like a bitch. Unfortunately and fortunately Justin was home. After blubbering and blowing embarrassing snot bubbles for like an hour and a half I finally stopped.

Justin went into the kitchen to grab something and came back carrying a perfect rosebud from the garbage. He asked why I had thrown away that particular rose when it was still in tip top shape. I guess it goes to show that even amongst trash there is hope. Even amongst trash there is beauty. When life surrounds you with shit; remain beautiful. The things that happen around you don’t really matter. What really matters is what is within. Remember that sometimes, though it may feel as though all hope is lost, take a second glance. If you look hard enough you will discover something meaningful and beautiful within those times.

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