Thursday, August 4, 2016

I've Been Away Awhile

Yes I've disappeared again. I was recently asked why I write on a blog. While I came up with a half a dozen reasons on the spot; over analytical me eventually got self-conscious and fell off the face of the planet of written words. 

I blog because I blog because I blog to blog. Blog. BLOG. 

I'm back. There's no telling how long I'll stick around again. I'm beginning to feel like a boomerang who is off kilter. 

Currently I'm away on business. I'm in one of my favorite towns; Baker City, Oregon. You remember the one with the cat in the store. How could you forget? (I link the prior exhilarating blogs once I have Internet access from my laptop.) 
Terrible photo-kitty was grumpy. 

Today is our last day here. It has been a long journey but a good one. 

The following interaction transpired:

Me to patient: how are you today

Patient: better than the guy that got killed

Me:... Oh (secretly wondering if I am about to be murdered-- this must be why there is a razor blade in the drawer. Self defense) 

Patient: yeah that's what he gets for driving too fast. No seat belt. Sunroof open. Blood everywhere

Me: oh my gosh I'm so sorry how terrifying did you see it happen?

Patient: no saw the after effects. Looks like it was quick 

Me: (thinking) fucking hell how is this casual talk 

Then her husband comes in and teaches me to fence with my arm. Like keeps saying en guard! And coming at me. And I'm like stop coming at me bro.
Luckily I survived. I'm still trying to figure out how. I felt like I was in Game of Thrones dueling 'til the death. But here I am. And I am writing a blog about it. Because I blog. 

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