Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back in Town

The Saturdays immediately following my out of town work trips are typically followed by some R&R since I'm a tad of an introvert and need to catch up on me time at home since I was just forced into me time at a strange hotel. Not this Saturday. This Saturday was filled with activities :) 

We had one of our usual get togethers with our friends this evening. It's nice to chase the last days of summer. It feels like tomorrow they will be gone. Time really does fly, and life changes as it passes by. It is interesting to notice the subtle or sometimes gargantuan elements of our lives that ebb and flow with the changing of the tides. 

There are friendships that have stood the test of time, there are the toxic people we had to cut from our hearts-be them blood or otherwise, there are the moments when we achieve significant things we never thought possible, there are the breaking points, the rock bottoms, the hurt and painful times, there's the falling in love, there's the sunrises, there's the laughing until it hurts, the healing, there's the building of trust, the tearing it down, but it is life. And it is great. 

See what happens when I miss my R&R? I get all weird. Here are some photos from our get together to break up the strangeness of my blog post

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