Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friday Eve

I have a work friend who is in Turks and Caicos because she is amazing and celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary despite the fact that she looks not a day over 29. My other work compadre of mine and I were sitting there commiserating over the fact that we were stuck at work whilst friend number one was whisked away to a whimsical water wonderland. 

I got this new phone some time ago and it is an asshole. It autocorrects things all the time to shit I would never say. And Siri? Don't even get me stated that woman's favorite phrase is "I'm sorry I didn't understand that," followed quickly by her deleting whatever it is I am working on. And I'm like "Siri!!!!!" And she is uber quiet because I think she is in that lazy teenager phase. 

Today I message Turks and Caicos friend to tell her that my friend and I wished her a happy anniversary and a safe flight. But my phone autocorrected my text to read Smelly and I wish you a happy anniversary. Then Turks and Caicos friend  (sorry I feel like I have to type that ten times because I'll probably never say Turks and Caicos again in a blog) asked which site I was working at. I tried to type BI for breast imaging and my phone autocorrected it to BO. Yeah. I'm with Smelly at BO awesome. Makes sense I suppose. 

Also my work wife sent me this photo today with the caption: "When someone asks how my diet is going,"

Fitting. Totally fitting. Oh and one more thing; Turks and Caicos. 

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