Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Times with Gooder Friends because Gooder is a Word. It's in the title of a blog now so yeah....

This weekend was jam-packed once again but in a good way. I'm not just talking about all the peanut butter, earth balance, raspberry jam sandwiches I ate either. Which by the way were excellent. 

Justin and I worked hard to clean out the garage. Since we (Justin) finally finished the side yard and the shed it was time to move on to the to the mess that has only been visited one time since we moved in almost two years ago. Now we've got a garbage can full of trash, a recycling bin full of collapsed boxes, a pile of stuff for a yard sale, a shed full of tools, and a couple boxes containing some sentimental value items that will be stored in plastic totes once we pick a couple up. So cheers to us and our adulting. 

This weekend was also one of our regular visits with some of our besties. In a surprising turn of events I won like every game except one that we played. I guess my day has been a long time coming and finally arrived. 

A classic action shot... Great form right there
Smores-- next time I'll bring some vegan marshmallows. 

Trying to get ready for a photo. We ultimately decided my thighs were too thunderous to be photographed from that angle. 
Some of my favorite girls
Serious strategizing

Now to see what Monday and the work week brings. 

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