Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

My mini sabbatical (preparation for Justin and my quick getaway and taking our mini trip) is over. Funny how sometimes I find that I over prepare for things; I suppose that is the anxiety. Which by the way is a cruel bitch. 

This weekend Justin and I stole away to see a good friend of ours. Or rather a couple of good friends and their baby who is pretty much one of the most adorable babies on the planet even without my bias. We took some pretty photos but there are a couple hundred so I'll share a few of my favorites. 
Lake Cleavland (my phone totally tried to autocorrect that to cleavage... Perv)

Take a peek in the lower right hand corner. Ahhhhdorable

Hey how'd Hagrid get in here!?

hope whoever out there that is reading this (hello, self) enjoyed their Independence Day. May you find independence from the toxicity in your life. May you finally be free in whatever way that means to you. 

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