Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Animal Magnetism

I'm not very good at spontaneous. Unless you count being spontaneously bad at being spontaneous as being good at being spontaneous in a backwards sort of way... which it kind of does count because spontaneous people would totally be like yeah I'm cool with it. Because usually they are down for anything. 

I feel like mayhaps I'm typing in circles again. This tends to occur every so often but hey it's my Thursday because it is Wednesday of Independence Day week and I don't have to work real Friday. I also didn't work Monday. Wait... Wait... I'm doing it again. Forget that none sense. 

Today Justin and I spontaneously joined a friend of mine for dinner. Technically I was invited yesterday but to me that is as good as spontaneous. This is huge considering I don't normally eat in front of people but I've been WAY better about that lately. Yeah I may not shovel it in to the extreme I do when it's just Justin and me but I can eat normally-ish now. Plus I was spontaneous-ish? Good job me. Good job. I deserve pats on the back. 

Speaking of pats Justin has some animal-magnetism going on like you wouldn't believe while we were waiting for dinner. 
Nothing there right? No. Look again. 
Justin is going in for the pets
Now someone else wants some pets 

I swear they flock to him just like kids do. 

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