Friday, July 15, 2016


I was quickly trying to gather up my work necessities the other morning before heading out of the house. It's not my fault that I need like nine hundred things. Alas, tragedy stuck again ...

This it the third pair in a year. I'm under the impression that Justin thinks my breakages are deliberate but I assure you they are not. 

My first pair was Harry Pottered in half. This was highly upsetting because they were on the more expensive side. I'm thankful I had about six years of use out of them before they broke in half. My second pair had the lens fall out every time I blinked. This pair is a bit different. Technically I can still wear them. I pretend like I have those opera glasses except the stick I hold them by in angled the wrong way. But it still works and j pretend to be an important cultured handsome woman. 

I received two new pairs of glasses today. Now the countdown begins to their imminent destruction. A couple of my gfs at work think I need goggles and I must admit I agree. 

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