Friday, July 8, 2016


I don't play volleyball because my arms usually turn fifty shades of hot pink from my hulk smash mad skillz that actually involve me just hitting the volleyball in a haphazard way so that it sails off into the ocean never to be seen again. I don't even live by the ocean so clearly this is highly problematic for anyone on my team. 

Justin and I went to Fred Meyer to pick up a yard game to bring to his parent's house on the 4th of July. We ruminated over a croquet set because Justin has been wanting one. I think I could possibly get away with wearing pantaloons if we got one so then I'd have an excuse to buy some which would be awesome. 

Anyway we wound up getting these lawn darts that were shaped like toilet plungers and pretty much were the equivalent to such when trying to lob them across the yard. It was not very ego boosting. We'd invited my friends over and I was like hey let me force you to play this game with toilet plungers that we all hate... Ugh. But this brings me to my point. 

I saw this on the shelf and really feel like had I brought Wilson to the bbq he would have been the talk of the town. We may not have "played" volleyball with him but we could have totally re-inacted "Cast Away." Next time I'll go with my gut. Not my.... Butt?

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