Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Everybody's Derpin' for the Weekend

I have this friend that I won't shut up about. She has a farm which I've mentioned about a million times so far. Sometimes we ride horses. And sometimes when we ride horses I make
derp faces that get caught on camera. 
Xzibit A:

I know what your thinking but no I haven't finally turned into a man. Whenever I say the word exhibit I'm transported back to my high school days where I played that damn Xzibit CD on a loop. But for reals here is the actual exhibit A:

I'd like to blame the shadows for the unsettling face I'm pulling. That and the helmet. If "America's Next Top Model," is looking for me I'm right here guys! 

Here are some other photos from my visit to Lacy's farm:
Chuck Norris the goat 
My BFF getting ready to cook me some dinner
Our friend Jessica riding a horse while Lacy supervises. 

Until we meet again friends. 

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