Monday, June 13, 2016

Chuck Norris, You Bastard

This weekend was fun-filled which was much needed after my work trip away from my home and friends. I got to see some of my favorite people and possibly even came up with next year's Christmas card. 

Perfect right? Right. Moving on I also spent some time at my friend's farm. I got there and we all looked at the pretty animals and gave them so much pets that their fur fell off. Then Chuck Norris ate some hair off and I was like fuck you Chuck Norris! But then he looked at me with his eyes and I was like okay fine but don't let it happen again. 

I was then standing under a tree watching my favorite goose (who hates me) from a safe distance. Suddenly the sky dropped something wet and I was like; "Is it raining?" To which Lacy replied; "no but there is a bird above you." So basically I got shit on but hey that's cool. The birds of Eagle, Idaho united against me that day. I just realized the name of the city I was in and now it all makes sense. 

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