Monday, June 27, 2016

Grass that makes me Cheat

Justin and I had a day date this weekend. It is this thing we have been trying to do more often because that is what you do when you are in love. For this particular day date Justin chose the activity. He is so ambitious and chose hiking. 

Bless his heart he found a group of trails that were new to us up by Lucky Peak Lake. We worked out the directions and determined the general area of the four different trail heads. We began the journey of what we presumed was the easy 1.1 mile trail that didn't require an ice pick. Unfortunately  we were very, very wrong and found our selves on the most difficult path. 

I gave up at about the half way mark. Justin opted to continue uphill despite the steep grade. Here are a couple of photos. 

As I left him:

The last I could see him:

I made it back down to the car quickly but was sure to leave a love note in the dirt. He actually found it which was awesome sauce considering several other hikers came down between Justin and me. 

I was so hot and uncomfortable and just not feeling quite right vaginally speaking  tmi I know. Anyway we headed home once he finished and I promptly took a shower but stil something was amiss apparently cheat grass has a way of working towards my lady bits and even surviving a shower. I think that might be why it is called cheat grass the dirty bastard. Here is a photo:

Did you really think that was gonna be my vagina?! Shame on you. 

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