Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Babysitters Club

Justin and I got to babysit this past weekend. We're a package deal because you see we just can't stand to be away from each other for too long. Driving to work together just isn't enough anymore. We have to actually work together too. Or "work," like babysit for our friends' daughter. 

She plays a mean game of monopoly by the way. She pockets blue bills and somehow manages to "roll," (move the dice to her desired number and set them down on the board) perfectly whenever she is close to a chance of community chest spot. Then she draws the card and karma bitch slaps her because she kept having to pay the bank for stupid monopoly things that never happen in real life. It was entertaining. I would say the most entertaining game of monopoly I ever played but I'm not allowed to talk about that one game. Don't worry it wasn't a get naked kind of monopoly (not sure how that's work anyway) but one of the players got very angry. That was like eight years ago though. Times have changed. And so have my opponents. 

After monopoly we then colored. Because I'm me. Lastly we went on a treasure hunt. I got like $0.19 from the little one. Yep scamming kids left and right. 

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