Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chubbs and Nubbs

Today I was on the mobile (still out of town) when a patient came on with her daughter. Her daughter was six years young, and pretty awesome. Except she didn't know about Harry Potter but I forgive her because she is from the middle of nowhere. I feel like I need to bring a few copies of "The Sorcerer's Stone," with me to spread the HP love to rural towns. Every time I am on a trip I come across someone who needs to read it. 

Anyway little girl and I talked about school, sports, and pets. She then informed me that her cat had kittens. I of course immediately perked at this. She explained how all of them had someone to adopt them except one they are trying to get rid of. His name? Chubbs! Why you ask? He has fat chubby rolls. He is also grey and I wanted to adopt him so bad because HELLO I am me. Sadly I was with another patient when said little girl departed. I was like "chubbbbbbbssss!!!!!" But on the inside since my new patient would have freaked out had I screamed, and little girl couldn't hear my inner voice. 

I was crestfallen to say the least. Not that Justin would let me adopt a kitten. Then I went to the restroom and on my way back I saw this:

I thought it was fake so I slowed and took a closer look. 

Nope he is real. He has little nubs for wings and it is so sad. He must have fallen out of his nest. The hotel worker was like; "Yeahhh we be tryin' to save them there birds because that there happens all the time," and I was like da faq why is this not pulling at your heart strings?! Then she came out side with me and smoker coughed a few times before picking Nubbs up and setting him in the grass. 

I gave her the death stare but she probably couldn't tell because it was super bright outside and she might have thought I was just squinting. 
I heard birds don't survive well with people caring for them. But there is no telling what tomorrow night bring. I might just have a new friend in my Tupperware because how can I resist saving this poor Birdy? Nubbs Robert DeNiro Yeager. 

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