Friday, September 4, 2015


I think there is a reason why football is called football. See the creators of the game knew that one day a certain man would exist. This man would find a girlfriend, nay a fiancé, who enjoys a good foot rub when she is offered one (Not from strangers though that would be weird since I don't have a foot fetish. Now spanking... That's another story).
Speaking of which I may or may not have accidentally messaged a co-worker this today *sigh

Back to my football story. Fortunately Justin still has the superstition he had last year regarding the whole 'I better massage Malina's feet so we can win this feetball game,' situation. So here I am on this lovely Friday eve preceding Labor Day weekend. A thunderstorm is a brewing accompanied by some much needed rain to quell the remaining fires. Feet+football+Friday+Fall=Fantastic

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