Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Man Date

As the time passes on day by day we excitedly approach the wedding of one of my best friends. Justin has been dealing with a lot of the behind the scenes drama that goes along with bridal shower planning. I can't vent to my BFF because she is the bride and has enough on her plate. Justin has of course been a rock in this sometimes dramatically turbulent time.

Justin also has tried to offer the best gift advice he could supply. He did not however find my gag gift lingerie outfit amusing. Something about those one size fits all ensembles just don't tickle his fancy. I found the highly inappropriate nature of it hilarious especially the groom-to-be wouldn't supply me with the bride's size information. Joke is on him because that is what he gets for not giving me the proper sizing information.

Justin has been feeling bad for himself because he feels my duty as maid of honor will force him to be lonely on the big day. The following conversation transpired the other day:

Justin: So... can you ask Jessica if I can bring a date to the wedding?

Me: Okay...??? Wait what?

Justin: Well I guess it can't be a girl but I could bring a man date.

Me: Wow...

Justin: I am not going to know anyone and I hate people I don't know so I want someone to talk to.

Me: Gee thanks fiance

Although in all fairness it is rather difficult when the bridal party gets split up from their significant others during wedding festivities. Hopefully Justin will have fun all by himself as I parade around with my BFF... Poor guy. 

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