Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vamped Up Disney Wednesday

In July when I took my blog sabbatical I am sure I left you all hanging on the edge of your seats when I mentioned Disney Wednesday's. Here is a link if you need reminding of the deets on Justin and my romantic -with an air of youthfulness -new tradition. 

I'm proud to announce that after the first fiasco things have been much better. Justin was up for week two. He selected "Wall-E," and picked up a Whole Foods buffet with cupcakes to capture the true essence of gluttony that is exemplified in the film. Nail on he head if I do say so myself. 

The next week I selected "Tangled," from the choices provided to me. I opted to do an angel hair pasta with garden veggies accompanied by a braided bread.
It was exquisite if I do say so myself. So exquisite in fact that I just pulled a second loaf out of the oven only moments ago. Justin asked me to make it to compliment his dinner tonight. I'm sure you'll all be holding your breath in anticipation of hearing the outcome :)

The other two weeks that passed involved the lion king where I made a savory pancake with veggies in the shape of a lions head with an avocado mane and chopped grape tomato face. Unfortunately for me the outcome looked a little like a rabid murderous lion so I didn't capture it on film. With that whole dentist/lion business  I figured it would just be too much for some people;) For dessert I picked up chocolate vegan ice cream and threw in some licorice bits as "bugs" since I didn't have time to find vegan gummy worms. Lastly Justin had "The Emperor's New Groove," and it completely slips my mind what he did because to my recollection it had nothing to do with the movie but I'm sure he doesn't day dream about obscure film connections to food all day long like I do. 

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