Thursday, August 20, 2015

Try the grey stuff...

Disney Wednesday arrived again before I even knew it. Unless you count my utter and complete excitement leading up to Wednesday... I tell ta with working so much, and everything else that has been going on it is nice to have a little something filled with childlike wonder to break up the week. 

My selection for the week out of the choices Justin gave me? 

Why "Beauty and the Beast," of course. I realized that after one of my last blogs I was subconsciously sad about not selecting that film last time. So this time I gave into my inner psyche's needs. 

I wish I could say the grey stuff pictured above was my idea but it was my sister's. She is better than me at coming up with creative things. I searched for a recipe and discovered that in one of the Disney parks there is a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant and they serve the grey stuff. Then I found a recipe online and altered it to vegan and made my own. 

It's really more grey than it appears in this photo but hey... I did the best I could. And truly??? It was delish! I also made pasta and French bread which is really more Italian but let's face it all I cared about was they grey stuff. 

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