Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beastly Appetite

Sometimes I get irritable when door to door sales people come by. It could just be me but more often then not they disrupt us during dinner. As any good sales person knows... Never come between a beast and her dinner. 

A couple weeks ago one such sales associate who was one of those weirdos that rides around in a van selling "magazines" and "books" for like two hundred dollars more than what they're worth. I sat in my lair out of sight from the front door and listened as a shirtless Justin entertained the sales bastard. 

'Just tell him to go away so we can eat,' I thought. My telecommunication channels seemed to be dysfunctional. I listened as the sales person literally asked Justin how much money he had on him right now so he could buy a vegan cook book. I immediately got up and stepped in front of justin. 

Sales Guy: oh you're vegan?

Me: we are trying to eat! Seriously you ask people how much money they have? No. I'm hungry go away! 

Then I shut the door. And I felt kind of bad. *sigh. 

Justin says I should answer the door every time a sales person is knocking. 

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