Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Lad + a Terrible Din

Justin and I decided to start a new tradition because we are sappy romantics who can't get enough date nights. Our tradition? Disney Wednesday's. Beginning last Wednesday Justin selected three Disney movies we own. I secretly picked one of the three and planned a dinner themed around the movie. 

This seemed like such a cutesy idea and despite the horrific outcome I think we will keep it going. I selected "Aladdin," as our movie and decided upon an Indian cuisine of naan and dal. I love me some dal but only when it comes from Whole Foods because they cook with magic. Mine tasted like tomato paste and raw beans. Justin was a trooper and pretended to like it before making us both a salad. Lame sauce... literally. Even the genie couldn't fix my disaster. 

Also I was highly disappointed because once upon a time I owned a Jasmine costume from my dance recital when I was nine. I must have thrown it out. All I could find was the headband so I wasn't received with the same excitement I would have been had I been lucky enough to find, and squeeze my ass into my costume. There is always next week. 

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